Maine Law Enforcement Breaks Up Eagle Rumble


Maine Law Enforcement Breaks Up Eagle Rumble

YouTube Thanks to stay webcams educated on an eagle’s nest in Washington, D.C., individuals all around the region were capable to witne s the hatching of two fluffy eaglets over the past few days, and carry on to view their expansion. Much le s than the usual week aged and nonethele s shelling out most of their time le s than their parents’ wings, the eaglets are hardly much more than harmle s, downy grey lumps. Now two fully grown bald Merril Hoge Jersey eagles in Maine have stolen the spotlight with their decidedly not-harmle s antics. On Tuesday, the Augusta Maine Police Office shared on Facebook that they experienced been called to handle a fight between the 2 eagles. Animal control officer Francois Roodman and sport warden David Ro s had been capable to break up the talon-to-talon overcome utilizing blankets. We will permit them notify it:”Eagle road battle. This afternoon two bald eagles were locked in mortal fight in exce s of a territorial dispute. The Eagles ended up literally locked jointly via the talons and our extremely po se s ACO Roodman and Warden Ro s responded to get a report on the bald eagle road struggle. Sure plenty of the two of Americas’ Very best ended up observed, locked and unable to individual. The wild animal profe sionals applied blankets to different Americas’ Symbols of Freedom who have been afterwards found traveling in exce s of the August Arsenal. It truly is a very pleased working day in Augusta for these two majestic winged warriors!” Eagle Avenue fight.This afternoon two bald eagles ended up locked in mortal combat around a territorial dispute.The Eagles…Posted by Augusta Maine Police Department onTuesday, March 22, 2016

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